Delicious is a lot more than just a QR-code menu scanner!

Download our free app and enjoy an effortless, contactless menu viewing experience.

Scan to open the QR menus in restaurants, hotels, and cafés.
Our app. will instantly open all types of QR menus without hassles, whether web pages or PDF files.
Save your favourite QR menus for later access from anywhere.
Directly open menus saved in your favourites at any time, without the need to scan the QR code again.
Share your favourite menus with your friends
You can send QR menus to friends of yours via social media and any other sharing options available on your smartphone.

Other features...

Fast QR Code scanning
Our app's built-in QR code scanner is high-speed and will recognize and open almost any type of QR code in fractions of a second.
Organize your favourites
You can organize your favourite menus by tagging them with food & drink icons, which you can later use as filters. You have multiple sorting options too.
Save favourite locations
You can optionally save the location of the shop you're currently in, in your favourites. The next time, you can select to navigate to it using your default navigation app.
QR Code scans history
For immediate re-opening of scanned QR menus, the app. will remember all the QR codes that you scan for a year or until you clear your scanning history...
You have full privacy
The application stores all favourites and scans history information on your smartphone. We do not collect or share any information that can personally identify you.
Many more features...
We listen carefully to our users' feedback, and we continuously enrich our platform and mobile apps with new features and fresh ideas! Stay tuned…
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