What is Delicious?

Create your own customized digital QR code menus.

If you run a restaurant, a cafe, or a hotel, Delicious is the right tool!

At a glance, with our Cloud platform, you can:

Offer your customers a safe, contactless way to view your digital menus from their smartphone by scanning your menus' QR code.
Save time and costs from designing and printing catalogues and developing, hosting, and updating PDFs or static web menu pages.
Eliminate your guests' waiting time. With your QR menus, they don't need to wait for you to bring them catalogues; they can directly browse your menus from their smartphone.
Update your menus instantly, as many times you need, depending on the availability or promotions of the items you run, in a few minutes.
Collect valuable, anonymous feedback and satisfaction rating from your customers in private.
Available for cafes, restaurants, hotels, and other dine-in businesses, via the web (and soon in iPhone and Android apps).


Why do you need Delicious?

Our superior, dynamic QR menus platform dramatically simplifies the creation and instant updating of digital menus for restaurants, cafes, and hotels around the globe.

Create your digital menus with just a few simple steps
You'll be amazed at how easy and fast it is to create your QR menus on our platform! Your menus will be accessible to your customers by scanning the menus' QR codes from their smartphone (they don't need to download any app).
Uniquely customize your QR menus
You can select from a wide range of customization & styling options to create unique menus that fit your branding guidelines, fonts, and colors well.
Save costs and time from having to maintain catalogues
You can eliminate all the hassles and costs of maintaining printed menus and manually hosting them in digital form (e.g., static web pages or links to PDFs).
Update your menus as many times during the day
You can instantly update your menus anytime, in seconds, to promote an item for the rest of the day or reflect your stocks and item availability.
Increase your social media followers and website visitors
Make it easier for your customers to reach you on your social media accounts and website through the links on your dynamic QR menus.
Get feedback and examine your diners' satisfaction rates through time
In our platform, you have advanced tools to evaluate in deep your diners' expectations and preferences. Collect rating and valuable feedback, anonymously and in private, not only for your venue in general but separately for each of your menu items.

Other features...

Optimized digital menus

Your photos are automatically compressed into multiple sizes and are served based on the smartphones' screen, saving a lot of bandwidth from your customers' mobile data.

Our QR menus are super optimized to load and perform very fast.

High-quality QR codes
Download your QR code(s) in high resolution, print it, and place it onto your tables or your ordering areas.
Product variants & extras
Setup separate pricing for all variants of your items (e.g., XL, single/double...). You can also show extra optional choices for each menu item.
Rich menu information
Display a rich set of optional details to your menu items, such as description, ingredients, notes, photos, tags (e.g., spicy, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.), calories, and average preparation time.
Customize your feedback
Setup your questions to ask when customers are giving you feedback, just like a mini-survey. You'll receive feedback focused on the satisfaction areas you are interested in more.
Multilingual menus
You can have your menus in multiple languages to cover your essential customer nationalities or the most spoken languages in your region.
Detailed QR menu analytics
View detailed anonymous QR menus usage analytics and examine how much time diners spend on your menus, what items they frequently open, examine satisfaction and feedback ratings through time, and other valuable information.
We respect your privacy
Unlike most other platforms, we fully respect your data and your customers' privacy. We do not track visitors, and we do not collect information that could personally identify a customer. All data we maintain is to feed your analytics and feedback screens and is completely anonymous.
Do you need a feature?
We listen carefully to our clients. If you need a feature that we don't have already and your need is common to other venues, most likely, we'll add it for you.


How much do you spend on maintaining catalogues, customized websites, and PDF menus?

Our solution will save you cost, time, and all the hassles.

All the available QR menu features with capacities designed to cover every of your digital menu needs...


Unlimited menus (*)
Unlimited menu items (*)
Unlimited photos (*)
Unlimited QR scans
Unlimited menu updates
Unlimited analytics history
(*) For fair use, a soft limit is applied by default. You can send us a request to expand your limits if you need to, at no extra cost.


Create digital QR menus & sections
Web hosting of your menus
Customizable layout & styling
Setup menu item variants and extras
Upload photos for menu items
Generate Hi-RES QR codes
Display rich information on menus
Private feedback & ratings
Automatic photos optimization
Links to your social media accounts
Detailed QR scan analytics
Multilingual support for menus
Many more...


per month


No commitments. No credit card required.

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Do you have questions?

You can review some of the commonly asked questions we receive, or you may contact or chat with us if you'd like further information.

What is Delicious?

Delicious is a Cloud platform that provides you the tools to easily create and host enticing digital QR menus for your restaurant, cafe, or hotel.

In which countries is Delicious available?

Delicious is a Cloud-based solution, and it is available to businesses all over the world.

How do I generate my QR codes?

After building your digital menus (main menu, dessert menu, kids’ menu, drinks menu, etc.), you can quickly generate either the generic QR code for your brand from your account settings or the unique QR code for each of your menus.

What payment options are available?

We currently support available payment options are secure online payments via Debit cards, Credit cards, and PayPal.

Do you limit the number of QR menu scans?

No, there is no limitation on how many times your QR codes are scanned. Feel free to display your QR code stands to all your tables and ordering areas.

I don't have a digital copy of my restaurant menu. What can I do?

You don't have to! You can build your digital QR menus directly from our app. Just sign in here, or install our equivalent iOS or Android app on your smartphone.

Do you limit the number of QR menus I can create?

No, we don't; You can build as many QR menus as you need. By default, for fair use of our service, we soft-limit the number of menus in every account up to ten; however, if for some reason you need more, you can send us a request to increase your limit at no extra cost.

What are the requirements for uploading photos?

To make it as easy as possible for you, upload your photos in a good, high resolution, and we will handle the rest. Our platform will automatically generate multiple versions of your photos, optimized for different devices and screen sizes.

Depending on the device's screen resolution, we will serve the appropriate version of your photos to save from your customers as much network bandwidth and load time as possible.

Can I switch my plan?

Of course, each plan can be switched to a different plan. However, the change, in case of a downgrade, will take effect starting your next billing cycle.

How often can I make updates and changes to my menus?

You can make as many changes as you need, so you can always have your menus updated. You can even change your menu items availability or promote them, depending on your sales goals, any time, multiple times within the day.

Will I have analytics, and how can I access it?

We will provide you with detailed, daily QR scan analytics and other valuable anonymous information which you can easily find on your dashboard.

Where can I add my social media and website links?

You can update your social media information on the account settings page on your dashboard. After updating your info, your social media icons will be displayed in your QR menus.

Which languages do you support?

We support almost every language, from western up to Arabic and Asian. We offer a wide variety of different styled fonts (almost a hundred fonts to pick from). If you find any display issue with your QR menus, send us a request, and we'll do our best to resolve it asap.

By default, you can enable up to four languages, but we can increase your limit at no extra cost if you need more. However, it is advised to translate your menus into up to the three or four most spoken languages in your region.

I am a franchise. Can I use the app for all our branches?

During sign-up, you can select the number of branches you want to use Delicious for, or if you already have an account, you can manage your branches from your dashboard.

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