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Our superior, dynamic QR menus platform dramatically simplifies the creation and instant updating of digital menus for restaurants, cafes, and hotels around the globe.

Utilise the numerous benefits of digital QR menus to increase your revenue and elevate your guests' experience.
Delicious interactive QR menus are simple and easy to use for every restaurant and cafe. Upgrade your customer service and enhance your business efficiency.
Entice your guests with eye-catching and appetizing photos of your dishes to induce lavish orders.
Increase your revenue by adding appetizing photos and rich informational material about your dishes. Make it easier for your diners' to view your menu and place a richer order.
Maximize your tables' turnover.
Make your menus available to your guests from the moment of their arrival. You will reduce their waiting time to zero, and they will order faster. That also translates to faster turnovers for your tables.
Make updating your menus' a breeze.
Cut up to 80% of your spending on printing and maintaining your menus. Take control of your online menus with a tool that is as easy as pie. Make live, instant modifications, keeping your QR menus updated and your guests happy.
Increase your orders and maximize your customers' average spent per table.
Your digital QR menu remains in the hands of your customers. That makes it simple for them to place additional orders!
A blend of our technology and your aesthetic appeal will give life to your digital QR menus.
Match your digital QR menus to your branding with the endless customization options that we provide. Have full control of your menus' styling using an intuitive user interface.
Learn more of your guests.
Do you want to know your customers' opinions about your service or your menus? Then don't forget to ask them for their feedback. Collect their valuable points of view, get into action and aim for excellence.
Link your menus to Google My Business and your social media.
Your restaurant's online menu is a powerful communication tool and a great way to reach out to customers. Be sure to share it on social media, on Google My Business and on the Internet. Allow customers to access your menu at any time, seven days a week. Keep in touch with your customers while enticing new visitors to learn more about you.
Use a environmentally friendly medium for your menus.
There are several benefits to going digital with your online ordering menus. You are not simply going along with current digitization trends. You are also taking steps to address environmental concerns. Reduce your effect on the environment by printing fewer menus.
Stay on top of the digital trends.
Follow the trends of our time and keep your business competitive. Create your digital QR menu in a few simple steps and provide your customers with an innovative dining experience.

Other features and benefits...

Optimized digital menus

Your photos are automatically compressed into multiple sizes and are served based on the smartphones' screen, saving a lot of bandwidth from your customers' mobile data.

Our QR menus are super optimized to load and perform very fast.

High-quality QR codes
Download your QR code(s) in high resolution, print it, and place it onto your tables or your ordering areas.
Product variants & extras
Setup separate pricing for all variants of your items (e.g., XL, single/double...). You can also show extra optional choices for each menu item.
Rich menu information
Display a rich set of optional details to your menu items, such as description, ingredients, notes, photos, tags (e.g., spicy, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.), calories, and average preparation time.
Customize your feedback
Setup your questions to ask when customers are giving you feedback, just like a mini-survey. You'll receive feedback focused on the satisfaction areas you are interested in more.
Multilingual menus
You can have your menus in multiple languages to cover your essential customer nationalities or the most spoken languages in your region.
Export your menus
Do you change your printed menus too often? We have you covered! Download the QR menus you’ve created in our platform in Word format, make any edits and voila! You’re ready to reprint.
We respect your privacy
Unlike most other platforms, we fully respect your data and your customers' privacy. We do not track visitors, and we do not collect information that could personally identify a customer. All data we maintain is to feed your analytics and feedback screens and is completely anonymous.
White-labeled, ads-free menus
Your QR menus are solely yours. We will not show anything that could break your menus' styling or branding. Only a tiny logo of ours is visible at the end of your 'About' page and shows only if the guest taps to view your contact information.
You're very well covered
We are a trusted software house developing large systems non-stop for more than two decades. We've built modern Cloud solutions for an impressive range of different sectors: from retail, food services and hospitality to telecom and banking. Your digital menus investment is very safe with us.
Do you need a feature?
We listen carefully to our clients. If you need a feature that we don't have already and your need is common to other venues, most likely, we'll add it for you.
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